11.1.1 Build3D

This command define the list of 3D elements that compose the scene. That command does not draw anything; as it can be seen in the example file display3d.teg, the different scene are built in macros, and one graphic element is enough, it contains the instruction Display3D(). That command calculate the scene (more precisely: it builds a display tree), and display the scene. If the viewing angle is changed, only the command Display3D() is updated, and not the command Build3D().

The general syntax for Build3D is the following:

  \begin{texgraph}[name=Build3D, export=eps]
     bdPlan([M(0,0,z), vecK],
     bdCylinder(M(-2,3,2), 7*M(2/3,-1,-2/3), 1,
     bdSphere(Origin, 3,
       [color:=darkseagreen, clip:=-1,
        smooth:=1, backculling:=0]),
       [color:=blue, width:=12]),
       [hidden:=1, arrows:=1,color:=firebrick])