3.8.1 epsc format

When exporting to that format, the program is asking for a filename for the eps file that is created, let us call it Toto.eps. The graphic is then exported using pstricks format in a file called file.pst in the TeXgraph’s “ Temp” directory and the script ./CompileEps.sh under linux and CompileEps.bat under windows is launched with the filename Toto as an argument.

The linux script is like the following (similar to the windows version):

                      latex -interaction=nonstopmode CompileEps.tex  
                      dvips -E -o $1.eps CompileEps.dvi

The script is launching the compilation of the following file CompileEps.tex:


Its conversion to an eps image is done via the dvips program. Of course, you can modify that file by removing the copy that is in the ($HOME/.TeXgraph for linux et c:\tmp for windows) TeXgraph-temp directory and modify the original in the TeXgraph directory.