3.12 Preview

Click on that button (the eye). The Apercu macro from the file interface.mac will be executed. The command defining that macro is:

                   Exec("pdflatex", ["-interaction=nonstopmode apercu.tex"],TmpPath,1),  

The current graphic is exported using pdf format in the file file.pgf , in the TeXgraph’s temp directory. Then we launch the comilation of the apercu.tex file using pdflatex, and finally the created file is opened: apercu.pdf with the pdf reader (defined in the configuration file, option Preferences/config file). The apercu.tex file looks like:


That file can, of course, be modified. First you have to remove the copy that can be found in TeXgraph’s temp directory ($HOME/.TeXgraph under linux et c:\tmp under windows), then you can modify the original in the TeXgraph directory.