12.2 The texgraph environment

Once declared with: \usepackage{texgraph}, the following environment can be used:

                       <TeXgraph code>  

At the compilation stage, the code is copied in a file named <name>.teg (TeXgraph source file) as a User graphical element (by default), then the program TeXgraphCmd is called, it loads the file <nom>.teg, exports the results in the asked format, and finally, the LATEX compiler gets the hand and the resulting file is loaded with \input or \includegraphics according to the requested export.

To be fully precise, this is a script that is called: CmdTeXgraph.

Possible options are:

The package provides three global options:

Exemples: \usepackage[nocall]{texgraph} or \usepackage[export=pgf,server]{texgraph}.