8.2 Bitmap drawing commands

The 1.98 TeXgraph version offer a few basic commands to do some bitmap drawing. That drawing can be saved (in the format bmp) but it is not included in other exports of the software. Those commands only work with the GUI version of TeXgraph. Each pixel is identified by its affix x + iy. x and y are integer. The origin is at the top left corner of the drawing area margins excluded, The Ox axix is directed towards right and the Oy towards bottom.

  8.2.1 DelBitmap
  8.2.2 GetPixel
  8.2.3 MaxPixels
  8.2.4 NewBitmap
  8.2.5 Pixel
  8.2.6 Pixel2Scr
  8.2.7 Scr2Pixel