7.5 Managing string lists

This part is still here for backward compatibility because since TeXgraph 1.97, strings are natively handled. In the old releases of TeXgraph, such a list was a macro, elements are indexed from 1, and the string number k is given by @ListName(k), and the list length is given by ListName(0).

  7.5.1 StrListInit
  7.5.2 StrListAdd
  7.5.3 StrListCopy
  7.5.4 StrListDelKey
  7.5.5 StrListDelVal
  7.5.6 StrListGetKey
  7.5.7 StrListInsert
  7.5.8 StrListKill
  7.5.9 StrListReplace
  7.5.10 StrListReplaceKey
  7.5.11 StrListShow