Chapter 3
Graphics Exports

The graphics created with TeXgraph can be saved as source files (*.teg) and/or exported as files dedicated to be included in a (La)TeX document. Pay attention to the fact that (La)TeX has to be able to locate those files at compilation : put them in the same directory as your document or give the whole path of the file in the document. There are several export formats:

 3.1 TeX format
 3.2 pst format
 3.3 pgf format
 3.4 tkz format
 3.5 eps format
 3.6 psf (eps+psfrag) format
 3.7 pdf format
 3.8 Compiled formats
  3.8.1 epsc format
  3.8.2 pdfc format
 3.9 svg format
 3.10 Summary
 3.11 Export to the clipboard
 3.12 Preview
 3.13 User-defined export