Chapter 2
Graphic elements

A graphic is a stack of graphical elements 1, those can be created, modified and removed individually. The graphical elements are independants, appart eventually those created by the user.

Each graphical element is defined from a name (a name starts with a letter. The maximum length is 35 characters among 0..9, a..z, A..Z, ’ and _) and a command, added that each graphical element has attributes like: colors, line style, line thickness ...

There are some basic graphical elements. Those can be created using the menu, a shortcut or also using a graphical command in a User-defined element.

The predefined graphical elements are:

 2.1 The grid
 2.2 Axes
 2.3 Curves
 2.4 Differential equation
 2.5 Implicit function
 2.6 Bezier curve
 2.7 Cubic spline
 2.8 Straight line
 2.9 Point(s)
 2.10 Polyline
 2.11 Path
 2.12 Ellipse
 2.13 Elliptical arc
 2.14 Label
 2.15 User-defined