Chapter 11
Build3D command: representation of a 3D scene

It is now possible to mix several 3D objects in a same 3D scene (the intersections are now handled) That scene is built using the BSP-trees algorithm in the form of a tree by the command Build3D, and the command Display3D is used to display the scene on screen.

Warning: This technique gives vectorial images that can rapidly become very heavy with scenes that are a bit complex (ie: with a great number of facets).

 11.1 The two basic commands
  11.1.1 Build3D
  11.1.2 Display3D
 11.2 Macros for Build3D()
  11.2.1 globlal options
  11.2.2 bdArc
  11.2.3 bdAngleD
  11.2.4 bdAxes
  11.2.5 bdCercle
  11.2.6 bdCone
  11.2.7 bdCurve
  11.2.8 bdCylinder
  11.2.9 bdDot
  11.2.10 bdDroite
  11.2.11 bdFacet
  11.2.12 bdLabel
  11.2.13 bdLine
  11.2.14 bdPlan
  11.2.15 bdPlanEqn
  11.2.16 bdPrism
  11.2.17 bdPyramid
  11.2.18 bdSphere
  11.2.19 bdSurf
  11.2.20 bdTorus
 11.3 obj, geom and jvx exports
  11.3.1 Scene built using Build3D
  11.3.2 Building a Scene without Build3D
  11.3.3 Isolated element export